Hi there!

I am a freelance comedy and football writer and film maker from Aberdeen, who lives in London.

I am the creator and award winning comedy writer of popular football blog ‘FitbaThatba’.

I’m also the writer/director/producer/animator of a YouTube channel with over 2million views.

I’m also also a published musician with two solo albums and have toured some parts of the world to play music there.

I currently write things for The Daily Telegraph, as well as BT Sport and numerous betting companies (booooo)

I have worked as a producer with several media outlets including BT Sport and also “did my time” as a runner and researcher in various others.

I have a Masters degree in Film and Visual Culture.

I like to have work to do so please get in touch if you like any of the things I have done.  I especially love paid work.

You can reach me here: josephbull@me.com

+44 (0) 7815938555

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