"Releasing his debut album this year JJ Bull is a singer-songwriter from Aberdeen with a rare raw talent. His album, ‘Ou Sont Les Elephants’, has been called an “unexpected gem and an excellent debut”. Tagged as one to watch in the next twelve months, JJ Bull will be taking to Wizard’s Banshee stage on Saturday August 28." - some websites I found.

Flares n Seagulls - "JJ’s debut album, “Ou Sont Les Elephants”, has been a year and a half in the making and is a journey from start to finish; you know songs about love and stuff, but credibly done in his own unique style. The album is lo-fi folky acousticy goodness. Listening to the album first time round, influences I would suspect are bands like Frightened Rabbit, Paul Simon, The Shins and perhaps some Death Cab thrown in there for good measure. It’s a collective mix, but with a voice that is unique and a great ear for harmonies, JJ creates something that is quite hard to pin down to one genre"

Aberzine - "this album is simply outstanding... JJ has every right to feel immensely proud of this album, it is a startlingly good debut and I was genuinely blown away by it. Buy this album. No excuses, just get out there and buy it. “Ou Sont Les Elephants” is one of the best albums you will hear in 2010. And that’s a promise." 
  1. 1. Grandstand

  2. 2.121 Miles

  3. 3.June 21st

  4. 4.Coal

  5. 5.Chalk Scene

  6. 6.Don’t Paint

  7. 7.Capital City

  8. 8.Mr Box

  9. 9.Tommy

  10. 10. Duck Soup

  11. 11. Tokyo

Track Listing


- Aberzine


- Flares n Seagulls


- The List  (yay!)


New album, ‘Crocolithos’ to be released


  1. 1.Help - I’m Almost Dead

  2. 2.Manhattan

  3. 3.Aberdeen

  4. 4.Pirates (of the Aberdee-en)

  5. 5.Rockets

  6. 6.Swapsees

  7. 7.You Choose

  8. 8.Skelingtons

  9. 9.Need vs Want

  10. 10. Idea

Released: 07/12/2011

Prehistoric Orchestra Records